Remembering 90’s Board Games

Not much to say about 90’s board games except “Awesome“. Back before computers and smartphones took over the universe kids actually played good old fashion board games. Whether it was to have fun or just pass time on a rainy day board games were always great.

90’s board games were something special. They were definitely unique. Some weren’t even played on boards but were still qualified as board games. Being the awesomeness of 90’s board games we’ve compiled a nice list of games to try and bring you back to your childhood for a moment.

90’s Board Games List

Don’t Wake DaddyThe game where you had to sneak past daddy and make it to the fridge to get a late night snack. 90's board games

Splat- A Bug Squishin’ Race Game: Have fun making little bugs out of play-doh and get them across the board without getting squished. 90's board games


Electronic Mall MadnessElectronic voice tells you where to shop and the first person to buy six items and make it back to the parking lot wins. 90's board games


Ask ZandarThe Talking Electronic Fortune-Telling Game                                                   90's board games


Party ManiaYou’re totally invited to the biggest party of the year but unfortunately you have a ton of chores to do. Now you have to finish all of your chores in time so you can go to the party and not get stuck at home. Watch the vhs tape for special instructions from the part mania characters.90's board games


Crocodile DentistIts time for you to break out your plastic pliers and start pulling teeth, but don’t pull the wrong one or you’ll get your hand bit off. 90's board games

Loopin’ LouieProtect your barn and its chickens from the flying battery operated plane.   90's board games


Thin IceTake a wet marble from the water channel and put it on the thin ice tissue surface using the eskimo tweezers….just don’t be the one to break the ice. 90's board games


Girl Talk- A Game Of Truth Or DareSuccessfully complete a truth or dare or get stuck wearing a humiliating zit sticker the rest of the game. 90's board games

Dream Phone: Guess your secret admirer out of a selection of 24 guys in this talking telephone game.

dream phone


Gooey Louie ‘pick’ A Winner With Gooey Louie. Put Your Finger Up His Nose And Try To Pick A Winner. Watch Out. . . If You Pick The Wrong Gooey Louie’s Eyes Will Pop, He’ll Flip His Lid And His Brain Will Fly Out!

gooey louie



Ker-PlunkPick a stick and pull it out. Just make sure you choose the right one or you’ll lose your marbles.90's board games

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