Mtv Cartoons From The 90’s

Mtv cartoons from the 90’s are part of what made Mtv so great. Unlike these days, back in the 90’s Mtv was still cool and there was always something cool and unique on. Besides the non-stop playing of music videos, Mtv aired some of the most awesome cartoons to ever exist. Below is a list of the best Mtv cartoons from the 90’s.

These cartoons really paved the way for many of the cartoons that are on today, especially the ones on the Adult Swim. Some of them are unforgettable, some are easy to forget but if you’re a true 90’s kid you’ll remember every single one.

Best Mtv Cartoons From The 90’s

mtv cartoons from the 90's Liquid Television: This is really where it all began. Liquid Television was a collection of weird and psychedelic animated shorts that were created by non-mainstream artist. Most would refer to it as underground animation. Some of the shorts featured were “Stick Figure Theater”, “The Blockheads”, “Dog Boy”, “The Dangwoods”, and “Rico & Klein”.

mtv cartoons from the 90's Beavis and Butthead: Created by Mike Judge,this series was all about two delinquent teenagers that loved heavy metal. When they weren’t on the couch watching and making fun of music videos, they were out getting nachos, torturing the Winger loving Stewart and trying to score with chicks. The series actually started out as a short on Liquid Television. Thankfully though, it was picked up for its own show and turned into Mtv’s most popular cartoon.

mtv cartoons from the 90's The Brothers Grunt: This show is definitely hard to describe. It was focused on a cast of pale, rubbery and varicose vein filled humanoids (Frank, Tony, Bing, Dean and Sammy) that wandered around in there underwear in search of there brother Perry. The show was entertaining but short lived.

mtv cartoons from the 90's The Head: This animated series with a cult following was about an average guy named Jim who awakens one day to find that his head has grown to enormous proportions. Days later a little humorous purple alien named Roy burst out of Jim’s head and he finds that the alien is living in there while on his mission to save the world from another alien named Gork. This was especially awesome.

mtv cartoons from the 90's Aeon Flux: This is another series that began on Liquid Television. It was set in a dark futuristic world that was filled with crazy robots, mutant creatures and anarchist. The show focused on a female assassin who’s mission was usually to infiltrate there neighboring country that was ruled by her nemesis/lover.

mtv cartoons from the 90's The Maxx: Based on the comic book series, this show was about a homeless man named Maxx who lives in both the real world and an alternate reality. In the real world Maxx lives in a box but in the alternate reality know as the Outback, Maxx is a hero and powerful protector of the Jungle Queen, also known as Julie Winters. Julie, Maxx’s friend and social worker is unaware that she exist in the Outback and thinks his alternate universe is just an escape from the harsh reality of his life.

mtv cartoons from the 90's Daria: In this one, a smart and cynical girl spends her High School days as a proud outsider in a world of idiot teens and condescending adults. As most already know, this show is a spin-off from Beavis and Butthead, in which Daria had a recurring role. Mike judge however, didn’t have any involvement in the production of Daria. He just agreed to release the character. Instead of Highland Daria was relocated to Lawndale and we were introduced to her yuppie parents, her airhead sister and best friend Jane.

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