Cool Toys From The 90’s

Toys from the 90’s were pretty awesome. A lot like today. there was always that next “must have” toy but there was something special about the toys from the 90’s. Some were extremely fun and others would bore you pretty fast. One thing for sure is, toys from the 90’s were definitely cool.

Cool Toys From The 90’s

creepy crawlers


Creepy Crawlers: It was kind of like the easy-bake oven for boys but instead of baking cakes, you baked bugs. Just fill the metal plates with the mold goo and bake for a couple minutes to make all of your favorite creepy crawlers. The scorpion was the best.



micro machines playset micro machines                                                                  Micro Machines“If it doesn’t say Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing”. One of the hottest toys on the market at the time, they were just a portion of the size of Hot Wheels and blew the competition away back then. Not to mention, the awesome commercials with the Micro Machine guy.

moon shoes nickelodeon moon shoes


Nickelodeon Moon ShoesAnother hot item, moon shoes were mini-sized trampolines for your feet. Every kid wanted a pair of these.

bop itBop-ItBop-It is an electronic toy and game where players have to follow and keep up with audio commands. Very similar to to the game Simon.

toys from the 90's


Socker BoppersTake out your aggression from constantly losing at Mortal Kombat and punch your friend in the face with these awesome air-inflated fist covers.


toys from the 90's


Pogs and SlammersHere’s one of those different kind of toy/games. So each of your friends would stack some of there pogs and you would hit them with your slammer. Whichever pogs are left face up, you keep. They were definitely cool to collect, especially the Slammers.

gak toys from the 90's


Nickelodeon’s GakWho the hell knows what this stuff was made of but it was awesome. Nickelodeon took slime to the next level with gak. This stuff was always fun, that is, until it got dirty.



blurp balls 90s

Blurp Balls“Blurp Balls, they make you want to Blurrrrp”. These balls were great. It has 90’s toy written all over it. You would squeeze them and a little creature would spit out and they all had awesome names like Biff Barfball and Croaky Bugchunk.


super soaker 50 90s


Super SoakerIn 1990 the world was introduced to the Super Soaker and summers were never the same. These things were sweet. They came in all different sizes, had spare water cartridges and even water dispensed backpacks.

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