90’s Video Game Systems

90’s video game systems really paved the way for the systems we use today. Sure there were some ups and downs but it was a time to experiment and the result was a decades worth of awesome video games.

90’s Video Game Systems


nintendo nesNINTENDOThis 8-bit video game system ruled the late eighties. It was still huge coming into the 90’s but it wouldn’t be for long.


super nintendoSuper NintendoJust when you thought it couldn’t get any better, 1991 came and slapped you in the face with the 16-bit Super Nintendo. With not having to blow in your games anymore and adding four more buttons to the controller, Super Nintendo was set to take over 90’s video game systems. But not without competition.

TurboGrafx 16


TurboGrafx-16: Remember this one. This console was actually the first 16-bit system and also the first to use an add-on CD-ROM. Unfortunately the force was too strong for this system as it just couldn’t compete with the Super Nintendo and the Sega takeover.

sega genesis



Sega GenesisSega was the best and really took off, leaving the competition to eat its dust. Sega is probably #1 on most peoples list when it comes to 90’s video game systems. With the Sega CD add-on, the 32X and games like Mortal Kombat, Sega didn’t have a problem maintaining first place for 90’s video game systems.

panasonic 3DO                                                                                      Panasonic 3DO: If you got to experience this gem, you were one of the lucky ones. In 1993 the world was introduced to the 3DO. This system was ahead of its time with its amazing technologies and entertaining games. However due to its extremely high price its run was cut short. The good news was after they were discontinued in 1996 you could pick the system and a flock of games up at your local Game Gallery for about $100.

Jaguar console                                                           Atari JaguarIn 1993 we also got a taste of Atari’s last video game system and like the 3DO its time on the market was short lived.

sega saturn                                                           Sega SaturnAfter all of the success of the Genesis, Sega released Saturn. Released in 1994-1995 this CD based console played a huge role in what is known now as the fifth generation of gaming consoles.

playstation                                                                       Sony Playstation: It’s 1995 an we were just introduced to the Playstation. 90’s video game systems as we knew them would never be the same. This system took gaming to another level and was on it’s way to wiping out the competition.

nintendo 64                                                                      Nintendo 64Finally Nintendo has a new console but it hasn’t advanced too much as it still uses cartridges. Never the less, Nintendo still remained a main player in the gaming industry even though they were a tad behind.

sega dreamcast                                                                      Sega Dreamcast: In 1998 Sega released Dreamcast. It would be the final game console for the company and the long end to all of there success in the 90’s.



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