90’s Teen Saturday Morning Lineup

Do you remember the 90’s teen Saturday morning lineup on NBC? If you grew up in the 90’s its probably a safe bet that you do. There was nothing like waking up, grabbing a bowl of your favorite 90’s cereal and catching the 90’s teen Saturday morning lineup after finishing a weeks worth of school and homework.

The 90’s teen Saturday morning lineup consisted of quite a few shows through the run of its course. Although the lineup frequently switched around from season to season with some short lived shows like Brains & Brawn, Running the Halls, and Name Your Adventure, the handful of shows listed below are the ones that really made an impression.

90’s Teen Saturday Morning Lineup List


90s saturday morning lineupSaved By The Bell: “TIME OUT” Normally you’d save the best for last but in this case you have to start where it all began. Without Saved by the Bell this lineup wouldn’t exist. “TIME IN” The series follow teenagers-Zack,Slater,Screech,Jessie,Lisa,The beautiful Kelly Kapowski and (for one season) Tori through their fun-filled days at Bayside High School and at their favorite hang-out, The Max. Oh and let’s not forget about Mr.Belding. When was it ever cool to hang out with your principal. There was one episode where he was in Zack’s room laying on his bed. Creepy? Maybe? One of the greatest shows ever…..DEFINITELY.

90's teen saturday morning lineupCalifornia Dreams: “Don’t wake me up if i’m dreamin” This show was awesome. It focused on a group of California teenagers that form the band and spend there high school days dealing with relationship problems and playing gigs at there hangout Sharky”s. What made the show even better was the fact that the actors did there own singing.

city guys 90s

City GuysC-I-T-Y you can see why….city guys. This show was kinda like Saved by the Bell but set in an urban lifestyle with a more diverse cast. Its main focus was on two friends, Jamal and Chris, who came from two different backgrounds.

90's teen saturday morning lineupHang TimeThis show followed the lives of seven teenagers and there adventures on the Deering High School basketball team, the Deering Tornado’s. The show had a good run and was especially made funny by Teddy (Anthony Anderson).

90's teen saturday morning lineup

Saved By The Bell-The New ClassMr.Belding is back but with a whole new set of teens to follow around. Although it would never be the real Saved by the Bell, it did a pretty good job at filling in for it and got a lot better when Screech came back as the assistant principal.


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