90’s Cereal Inspired By Movies And TV

I think its safe to say that the 90’s was the last great cereal decade. 90’s cereal was great. These days you go to the supermarket and the shelves are stocked with healthy cereal. The delicious sugary cereals we once ate as a kid have all vanished. Although you can still buy the basic Fruit Loops and CT Crunch, there’s really nothing today that can come close to that 90’s cereal we all once endured.

90’s cereal was great. There was always some new cereal coming out and that was probably because the cereal companies loved to cash in on all the hot new movies and tv shows. Well it worked and we were fortunate enough to experience these amazing cereals.

90’s Cereal Inspired By Movies And Tv

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal

90's cereal


Batman Returns Cereal

batman returns cereal


Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters

90's cereal


The Addams Family Cereal

the addams family cereal



urkel o's


Rugrats Reptar Crunch

reptar crunch


Jurassic Park Crunch

jurassic park crunch


Tiny Toon Adventures Cereal



Spiderman Cereal

90's cereal


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal

ninja turtles cereal                                                          

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